I would like to write a small unix business application.

In .NET I would divide my code it into three packages - user interface, business logic, and database abstracton layer.

User interface would be a simple form application which would host many user controls and take care for communication between them. Its responsibilities would include taking care for dataset flows and responding to events.

Business logic would be further decomposed to client part and business part. Client part would provide user controls that would use facade objects for various business domains. These would communicate with server part of business logic via web service or COM+; using integrated role based security.

Web service would further call business logic dynamic link library. This would communicate with database abstraction layer library using only datasets. Database abstraction layer library would communicate with SQL Server stored procedures. And these would manipulate database tables.

The task for the weekend is figuring out how to do the same in Ubuntu using C++ with various libraries and Postgres?

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